Friday, November 25, 2005

Letters From Travels: Thanksgiving

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving went well and no one exploded.

I got my celebrating on down here as well and had a pretty cool holiday. I've been hanging out with a classic example of a Californian hippie chick that I met in Ometepe, and we decided we needed to do something fun for Thanksgiving.

First we annihilated a bottle of rum and an awesome box of mango juice. It was pretty good rum, aged 7 years so you know it's good (I guess Nicaraguan rum is famous). Then we took a pinata of a chicken which we decided to pretend was either a turkey or one of the million roosters that has decided sleep in Central America, and we strung it up in our hotel. After dinner, to commemorate all the indians we (white people) slaughtered, we made a feather out of a napkin to put in the blindfold. Then we commenced beating the snot out of it with an old broom handle. Man, that chicken, turkey, rooster thing was ruing the day. It was a pretty sweet Thanksgiving, ended by stumbling around town for an hour or so. Good Times.

El Pocket Lint

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