Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Letters From Travels: What I'm Thankful For

hi, I left San Juan del Sur, and I made it to Isla de Ometepe, and island in a lake formed by 2 conjoined volcanoes. Pretty cool. I'm gonna climb up one tomorrow, but i can't go to the top because it is too active. I might try the other one in a couple of days.

i've come to the knowledge that thanksgiving is coming up so i thought i'd send you all a list of things that I, personally, am thankful for.

I'm Thankful That...

1. nobody criticizes my inconsistent punctuation (will he finish the parenthesis? you never know...)

2. that spiders don't travel in packs

3. I'm not the turkey, free range though it may be

4. I'm in Nicaragua, suckas

5. I'm a rich American in Nicaragua (suckas)

6. that our government's system of checks and balances works so one party can't efectively control all branches of the government. Oh wait. Don't count that one.

6 (again). that presidents can't serve 3 consecutive terms

7. That Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are gonna be parents. I'm giddy with excitement (I really wish "sarcastic" was a font type)

8. I'm not one of the Britsh folk that sailed over here and celebrated the first Thanksgiving. Or one of the Indians they slaughtered in the after-desert party games, for that matter.

9. Finally, that the universal law of Karma will destroy France. And hopefully French Canada too.

El Pocket Lint

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