Saturday, October 22, 2005

Letters From Travels: Hola

You will all notice by the title that my endeavors to learn Spanish are succeeding with flying colors. I now know 5 words. I'm not sure what 2 of them mean though. In case you're out of the loop, I'm in Mexico City now, and will hopefully be heading towards Central America at some point. Basically I felt that I really needed to experience some countries that are hot, poor and have a long history of armed struggle and insurgent revolts. Wait...

Anyway, the 42 combined hours of bus travel was pretty sweet. I'll give it to them, the Mexicans have really got the whole bus thing down. They beat the hell out of the Greyhounds I was on in the States.

I'm staying in a hostel in the middle of downtown. I think. I'm pretty sure there are like a billion downtowns here. I walked through Mexico City's version of a Walmart Supercenter earlier, which is where everybody with absolutely anything to sell goes out on the side walk and screams. I'm not sure but I think one guy was tring to sell his grandmother. She was way overpriced.

So, I havent been stabbed yet, which is kinda disappointing because I feel it really is something that I should experience before I leave, you know, as a cultural thing.

El Pocket Lint

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