Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Letters From Travels: I think I just ate a Pequeno

Welcome back to the wacky traveling emails of el pocket lint.

I think I told some of you I was going to Merida and a few of you I was going to Acapulco. Man, I got you good! I'M IN PELENQUE and i think the shift button just broke. oH, THERE IT GOES. DAMN IT. ah, better. Apparently this place is a total rip off. I can't believe a room costs 15 us dollars. It's ridiculous. So off I go to Belize instead. I hope to end up in Nicaragua soon. I hear there's a special on drive-by shootings there. I don't know if I'll get out there though because my planning seems to work about as well as communism did.

I saw some pyramids in Mexico City. They certainly were big. I would be so annoyed being on of the slaves that built it. "Well it doesn't really do anything, but it looks nice. Aren't you glad you spent your entire natural life carrying back-breaking amounts of stone now? How rewarding!"

Now future generations can look back on the incredible achiements of those people and say "Yeah, I guess it's cool. If you like big piles of rock"

El Pocket Lint

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