Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Letters From Iraq: Hi-O

Hello. I hope this'll be the last time I send out an email from Iraq. The regiments are starting to change over and there's about fifty billion people here trying to use the internet. That, and I have to walk farther to get here now because we moved and I'm so incredibly lazy that it hurts sometimes. So I'll be back in California in a week or so. Does anybody know where I can exchange 130,000 Iraqi dinars for real money? You people probably think I'm kidding, don't you.

We don't do anything except sit around and sunbath now. Which, by the way, I can live with.

We also had a don't-go-crazy-and-kill-people-when-you-get-home class too. I guess you're all safe... for now. Hahahahahahaaaa. It also occurs to me that people may not think that's as funny as I do. I blame society. And the media. And Nader.

I guess that's enough out of me.

El Pocket Lint

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