Monday, July 18, 2005

Letters From Iraq: Hotness

Hello. I'm still in Iraq. It's still getting hotter. I think I saw someone melting yesterday. We did a mission during the day a week or two ago. It was well above 100 degrees, how much I don't really know. This week the high is 117-118 degrees every day.

All I want to say about that is I'm pretty thankful that we have regular infantry to work all day so we can do operations at night.

The place were we did our mission was a pretty friendly town. People kept offering me drinks and food. Also Iraqi kids are pretty adorable, it's just unfortunate that they have to grow up.

I guess that's the extent of what's going on out here. I should be back in a couple of months. I've been seeing a lot of Army on this base, I think they might be taking it over. Maybe they'll fall back into their role as an occupying force like they're supposed to and let the Marines go home. We'll see.

El Pocket Lint

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