Friday, July 1, 2005

Letters From Iraq: ECHO! Echo! echo.

Hi everyone! How's stuff going? I'm super in case any of you were wondering. I just got off a long work day where we spent over 2 hours having a "hold the live artillery shell in the air the longest contest." It was pretty exciting.

We also have a pool here. This is actually true, despite all the lies I've told you all before. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis don't have showers but I get to go swimming every day. I blame society. And the media. And Nader.

Looks like 2 supreme court justices are out. I bet a certain uncle and aunt in the family are doing their "happy dance" right about now. Politics kills me. People argue with each other like they are going to change each other's minds.

"Can't you see Bush is about as intelligent as a Chia pet and Donald Rumsfield actually has admitted to eating helpless kittens?"

"Oh I see your point Jim, I think I'll vote Kerry this time around."

Then when someone's party loses everyone says how ignorant Americans are that they
voted for this guy and how he shouldn't really have won. You're right (and pay close attention to this because it's "sarcasm") those thousands upon thousands of people that voted differently from you are all complete morons, and you're a genius. Did you all know that 60 percent of Americans think they are "above average" intelligence? That means 10 percent are wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

I think my point is that politics is just a funny movie and shouldn't be viewed as anything more seriously than a penguin wearing a sombrero. Then again, this is coming from the same brain that decided joining the Marines sounded like fun.

Obviously I had a lot of time today.

El Pocket Lint

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