Monday, May 16, 2005

Letters From Iraq: On the List

Hello, It's been awhile since I wrote to people. I added a few of you to my list because I finally got your addresses.

If you watch the news I'm sure you've heard a lot about Operation Matador. I can't really say too much about it but I wasn't directly involved, so don't worry. We've been doing well here, staying busy and stuff but I can't talk about it. So basically to recap, I know a bunch that you guys don't,
but the only thing I can tell you is that I can't tell you anything. Man, these emails must get more and more fascinating. I really have a very short amount of time right now so I didn't respond to anyones personal emails. I hope you understand. Yeah, especially you... you know who I'm talking to. You'll rue the day.

Anyway, hi to everyone and don't forget the old saying... Oh wait I can't tell you that either.

El Pocket Lint

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