Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Letters From Iraq: Return to the Desert

I swear this place gets nicer and nicer every time I come here. Someone took it upon themselves to erect giant concrete slabs to "protect" us from mortar fire. Ironically I don't think the base had been mortared in months prior to their emplacement.

Kuwait was okay. It's still sandy for those of you that were wondering. We got into Iraq fairly quickly. We still haven't become operational, that's still awhile away. In the meantime I'm stuffing my face with ice cream and crab legs because your tax dollars pay a contractor 70 dollars every time I eat a meal. Hahahahahaha.

Everything else is going okay. It's sort of coldish right now. I guess that's it. When I give the Iraq weather update it's time to retire for the day. When things get soap-opera juicy I'll write again.

El Pocket Lint

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