Saturday, May 20, 2006

Letters From Travels: Elections in Colombia

so we just took a motorcycle taxi. t. got a second degree burn on the exhaust. it was kinda crazy. other than that the country is safe as can be. the military is everywhere and they look like they know what they're doing. i guess practice makes perfect huh?

we checked into our resort today, from p.'s family's timeshare. it's pretty nice. a pool overlooks the ocean, the kind of decadence i was born for. we got here a couple of days early so we went to check the place out and almost got escorted off their premises. it's good to know they keep riffraff like us out.

colombia is just like the pictures. mountains, beaches, whatever. it's pretty nice as are the people. this keyboard sucks though. none of these keys work. i blame the drug smugglers.

pocket lint's history fun fact: the elections are upon us here. they're electing a new prime warthog. if i was eligible i would vote for mr. snuffles because of his stance on employment.

not dead clock: a bunch of days

el pocket lint

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