Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Letters From Travels: Jungle Trek

so let me give you all a run-down of my 6-day jungle trek:

on the first day we walked up a giant mountain (which happened every day and will not be mentioned again). there was a natural pool there that was amazing and clean and basically kick-ass. except the little biting fish.

the second day we did some more mountains (I know i said I wouldn't mention it but there were a lot of them). That afternoon we took a tour of (and I am NOT making this up) a working cocaine factory where an old man gave us the rundown of the process and let people try a cocaine treated cigarette.

the next day we arrived at the lost city (the object of the trek). It was sweet, but relatively indescribable, as places with natural beauty tend to be.

the next day we walked around the city.

The last day of the ascenct the guides were forced to carry all of the food themselves because the trail to the city was impassable to donkeys. we started heading down, that took awhile and the only thing worth mentioning was a stop at a relatively undisturbed native village. the cogui (natives) still dress traditionally and do the same forest things as they did back in the day. i'm out of time.

el pocket lint

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Letters From Travels: Bye

will be gone for 5 to 6 days. we're hiking through the jungle. probably won't die. talk to you all then.

el pocket lint